Black Salt Audio – Telofi v1.0.5

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Retro sound without extra baggage !
BSA Telofi’s adaptive processing automatically distinguishes between transitional and stable layers.
This means you can add extra warmth, punch, crispness and clarity to transients
while leaving the stable material in the mix completely untouched.

One stop shop for LoFi :
Stop wasting time switching between an arsenal of plug-ins to achieve classic LoFi sound. Simplify the entire chain with TeloFi and go from 4-5 plugins to just one.

Avoid Automation Hell :
Automating various options across multiple plugins is a hassle. Avoid headaches and automate everything in one plugin to achieve easy filter sweep and transition from LoFi to HiFi effect.

An effect that never gets old :
Let’s face it… you’ll be creating different versions of this effect over and over (and over) in your mixes. We got rid of tedious work so that you can focus on fast and creative work.


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