Black Salt Audio – Reviver 1.0.2

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Instantly add punch, power and clarity to any mix !
BSA Reviver’s adaptive processing automatically distinguishes between transitional and stable layers.
This means you can add extra warmth, punch, crispness and clarity to transients
while leaving the stable material in the mix completely untouched.

It’s not an equalizer, it’s not compression :
The BSA Reviver flat-summing multi-band splitter effectively separates the frequency spectrum into low, mid and high bands. Each band is processed independently with precisely calibrated detection circuits and processes that are perfectly designed for their frequency range.

Power and punch for your transients :
The bass module enhances the punch, power and impact of low frequencies. The midrange module enhances the depth and presence of the midrange. The treble module improves the clarity and definition of high frequencies.

Harmonics for extra warmth :
The advanced harmonic processing in BSA Reviver includes three different even saturation algorithms to add presence and warmth to any sound material. This harmonic saturation is designed to enhance the tonal quality of the source material without introducing unwanted distortion or noise.


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