Ample Sound – Ample Guitar LP 3.7.0

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Ample Guitar LP is a virtual instrument that will bring the guitar sound of Gibson Les Paul 1958 Reissue into your studio.

What’s new?
New features:
A new Riffer system with improved MIDI export function and optimized strumming sounds; All Ample products’ riffs are inter-compatible.
UI size scaling function.
Updated legato system, supporting slides and hammer-on/pull-off across different strings (polyphonic) and different frets, and the start notes on multiple strings can be played at different times.
Optimized accuracy when exporting from Strummer to Riffer, changing the export from ‘overwrite current bar’ to ‘add a new bar’ in Riffer.
Updated preset files for all 14 guitars.

Bug fixes:
Fixed an issue where the plugin might fail to load in large projects on Mac systems.
Fixed an issue where some notes may not stop properly during fast hammer-on/pull-off.
Fixed an issue where the playing speed of Strummer/Riffer/Tab is not correct with certain sample rates.
Fixed an issue where some notes may not be updated correctly when switching patterns in Strummer.
Fixed an issue where some notes may still be bent when Poly Bend is turned off.


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