Zynaptiq – Orange Vocoder IV v4.0.2

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Combining the most comprehensive and best-sounding set of vocoding algorithms available today, laser pitch control effects, powerful synth, sound freezing, super-fun and efficient workflow and much more, ORANGE VOCODER IV is simply the perfect vocoder plugin. When it comes to creating a new vocal sound, creating distant sound effects and organic* robot and creature voices, sculpting colorfully mutated musical grooves, or anything else you can dream of: this powerful creative processing is for you!

What’s new in version IV
Version IV of the ORANGE VOCODER is a significant upgrade of the classic Prosoniq-branded Orange Vocoder AU 10AE. What’s new? Almost verything, except, of course, favorite features. Some of the highlights are: A vastly expanded vocoder section including formant shift, expansion, stereo operation… and a total of 24 unique vocoding algorithms based on technologies such as analog modeling, speech modeling, independent component analysis, LPC filtering, wavelet transforms and much more.

Completely rewritten high-quality synth section, including unison and mono legato, linear FM with zeroing, extensive modulation options, a preset generator and much more.

New MIDI-controlled pitch quantizer module featuring 5 modes, including an all-new zero-latency pitch booster with grain morphing and optional polyphonic mode. New, streamlined multi-view user interface with super simplified workflow, including module sub-presets and smart randomization.

Changelog v4.0.2
July 17, 2023 :
Updated documentation The plugin now comes with a full manual, as well as MIDI/external media (aka side-chain) setup guides for Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Cubase, FL Studio and Ableton Live.
The documentation is now installed in a subfolder that opens when you click the Documentation button located on the About screen that opens when you click the ? on the top left side of the plugin’s user interface or on the Zynaptiq logo on the top right side.
Fixed several minor visual glitches.


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