[Freshly Squeezed Samples] Sean Tyas & Darren Porter – Definitive Bundle

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The Sean Tyas and Darren Porter Definitive Collection Bundle is a treasure trove of meticulously crafted sounds, designed to empower music producers across all genres and skill levels. This comprehensive bundle features an extensive library of presets for two of the industry’s most renowned synthesizers: Spire and Sylenth1. With a rich selection of presets and samples, this collection is a game-changer for your music production journey.

Bundle Contents:

  1. Sylenth1 Essentials Series (Vol. 1 and 2) by Sean Tyas and Darren Porter – Dive into the world of Sylenth1 with this essential series that covers a wide range of sounds, including captivating leads, powerful basses, mesmerizing arpeggios, lush pads, enchanting effects, and more. Both volumes are included in this bundle.

  2. Spire Essentials Vol. 1 by Darren Porter – Explore the sonic possibilities of Spire with Darren Porter’s Essentials Vol. 1. This collection offers a wealth of presets to spark your creativity and elevate your tracks.

  3. Kick Essentials Vol. 1 by Sean Tyas – Craft the perfect kick for your tracks with Sean Tyas’ Kick Essentials Vol. 1. This resourceful volume provides essential tools to enhance your drum arrangements.

Bundle Benefits:

  • Versatility: This bundle caters to producers of all music genres, offering a diverse array of sounds that will enrich your music production process.

  • Inspiration: Unlock your creative potential with an impressive selection of presets, including leads, basses, arpeggios, pads, and effects. These presets serve as a wellspring of inspiration for your musical endeavors.

  • Ease of Use: Whether you’re a seasoned producer or just starting, these presets will streamline your workflow and accelerate your music creation.

System Requirements:

  • Reveal Sound Spire Synthesizer: Version 1.0.17 or later (1.0.20 for Darren Porter Spire Essentials Vol. 1).

  • Lennar Digital Sylenth1: Version 2.21 or later.


The bundle seamlessly integrates with all Spire and Sylenth1 compatible DAWs, ensuring compatibility with your preferred digital audio workstation.

Content Overview:

  • Presets: 640 meticulously crafted patches and presets await your creative exploration.

  • Samples: Enhance your tracks with 200 high-quality samples, adding depth and character to your music.


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