WA Production – InstaChord 2 v2.0.4. 220901 VSTi, VSTi3, AAX x64

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We believe that creative expression should be simple, intuitive and inspiring. When you’re making music, you need the right chords to set the tone, and Instachord 2 delivers exactly what you need…and fast!
We were so blown away by the reception of the original Instachord that we couldn’t resist turning the concept into a complete chord generator and mini sequencer. Simple enough for anyone to use, but with the power to create professional music, this MIDI dynamics plugin is a chord-making and sequencer tool that will take your music to the next level.
Whether you’re a songwriter or a producer, this idea engine will help you speed up your workflow and creation process. Find the best sequence and apply one pattern to play all of them. Easily master some of the most difficult chords in any musical key and combination of notes and different voices. Use this plugin to create chord shapes, explore complex harmonics and share your creations.

NEW pattern editor
After the release of Instachord, a frequently requested update was to gain more control over playing and playing chords. We’ve taken that note and taken it a step further by creating a completely new interface window, the Pattern Editor. Here you will create your own patterns and sequences by dragging and dropping notes just like your DAW. Create soaring synth arpeggios, loud piano chords or dainty guitar riffs. You get full control over the time signature, play mode and speed with creative controls for strumming programming.
NEW generation of AI
Adapted from our popular Instacomposer plugin, this generate button will take an existing scale and create completely new riffs based on complex algorithms and a bit of randomization. Always musical and inspiring, these new ideas can be customized just like your own patterns to fit perfectly into your song.
NEW hold modes
Compared to the original Instachord, this new version has much more playback options for frets and note selection. There are 5 in total, covering different behaviors for holding notes and shifting chords. Whatever instrument you play, there will be a suitable playback mode.
NEW user chords
Edit existing chords or create your own by selecting note intervals to create your own custom chords. Plus, play notes on your MIDI keyboard to help Instachord 2 learn your favorite chord shapes.
NEW MIDI drag and drop
With the latest update, you can now also drag and drop MIDI from the Pattern Editor directly into your DAW.
So many chords
With over 60 chord shapes to choose from, you can explore inversions, voices, additions and extensions like never before to make your music sound more interesting and compelling. Choose your own chords from the extensive list, or click the Generator button to ask Instachord 2 for some fun inspiration. Set up to 24 different chords and switch between them using the chord keys. Transpose current chords to any other key in a couple of clicks.
Playing chords and mediators
There are ways to play chords and picks than ever before, all of which are now fully customizable in the pattern editor. For example, one key can be assigned to play the top three notes of a chord, while another key can be assigned to play the riff on the other three notes. You can also play individual notes of a chord separately. Thus, you can manually arpeggio or play chords.
Action Stations
Newly integrated into the main playback keys, action keys can be set to transpose by octave or semitone, providing an easy way to advance chords while playing live.
Instachord 2 is highly customizable and users can change many aspects to suit their needs. Choose your own UI size, playback type, key configuration and position. You can even lock the Chord and Action keys so they don’t change while you experiment with other presets and settings.
Factory settings
While Instachord 2 makes it easy to program chords and riffs, it’s even easier to use the preinstalled system to take care of things. You’ll never get stuck with an array of carefully crafted presets for both chord progressions and patterns. Suitable for keyboards, guitars, synths and many other types of instruments, these presets are the perfect starting point for your next song.
WA Production are real producers who create creative plug-ins that will help you quickly and easily achieve studio-quality processing. Enjoy!
* Inspiring MIDI processor for chords, strums and patterns
* Connects to any sequencer
* NEW advanced pattern editor
* NEW AI chord sequencing and pattern generation
* NEW playback modes
* NEW Edit and create your own chords
* NEW MIDI Drag & Drop feature
* 60+ shapes
* Resizable interface
* Factory settings
* PDF manual and tutorial video * Important: All InstaChord
1 presets are compatible with InstaChord 2.

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