UJAM – Beatmaker GLORY 2.1.3

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GLORY is a virtual beatmaker for all types of trap and modern hip-hop. Where heavy 808 bass drums meet insane hi-hats, hitting the top of the billboard charts. Create beats that bounce and thunder with GLORY!
It’s all about the rhythm. For many tracks in these genres, the beat is so important that it destroys most, if not all, other elements. Start with the beats, maybe overlay a melodic loop on top and leave enough room for the vocals. Ready!
GLORY is part of UJAM’s Beatmaker series that lets you quickly and easily create outstanding beats for your music. It instantly syncs with the tempo of your DAW, and you can play back an almost infinite number of beats.
GLORY’s drum sounds are rough and heavy. They can cut through the mix and provide a lot of bass. However, they are carefully designed to give you a sense of production value right out of the box.
GLORY brings you the most iconic trap drum patterns of our time with endless customization options while remaining simple and concise.
GLORY includes 10 kits with 16 percussion instruments each. There are 20 Styles with 23 ready-made patterns each, for a total of 460 patterns. Plus: Easy access to all the effects you need to create energetic modern beats that will literally impress.


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