Tokyo Dawn Records – TDR Nova GE 2.1.5 (WIN/OSX)

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TDR NOVA is a Parallel Dynamic EQ. Appearing in the familiar parametric EQ layout, each band also includes a full-featured dynamic section, allowing the processor to cover an impressively wide range of applications. Whether it’s a master that lacks density, a drum length that requires more definition, or the problem of sibilance in your perfect take: the TDR NOVA plugin has it all.
An easy-to-use WYSIWYG drag and drop display combined with a classic “hand-held” interface provides quick and fluid access to various parameters, providing powerful TDR NOVA processing capabilities. With four dynamic EQ bands and additional high and low pass filter sections, the TDR NOVA can meet the most exotic needs. Intuitive equal volume functions help you find the optimal setting without being distracted by volume differences.
In practice, the processor covers a whole range of tasks:
Parametric alignment.
Dynamic alignment.
Frequency selective compression.
Multiband compression.
Broadband compression.
Of course, this VST equalizer has all the helpers and workflow improvements you’d expect from a TDR NOVA plugin: preset manager, undo / redo, A / B, detailed documentation, copy and paste, and more.


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