The Amazonic – AMA I – Composer Edition v1.1 (KONTAKT)

The first chapter of a music library that has never been filmed before!
Recorded deep within the Amazon rainforest and in a studio located in Manaus, after months of in-depth research, we have selected the essential instruments that are part of the culture, religion and traditions of those who live in the Amazon.
With great attention to detail, we have captured every sound produced by these instruments, thus guaranteeing a powerful tool for composers and producers who are looking for a professional, emotional and spiritual sound for their music.
Composer Edition allows you to freely play over 100 instruments on NI Kontakt thanks to thousands of lines of code written by our engineers.


Enjoy the sounds of the Amazon jungle at your fingertips and enjoy the whole story and concept of The Amazonic.
UNIQUE TOOLS. UNIQUE SOUNDS AMA 1 is a unique library featuring a collection of instruments never seen before.
The inspiration for creating these instruments is the most diverse: to imitate the sound of animals, to reproduce the specific sound of the natural depths, or to recall the sound of a native ancestor from the Amazon rainforest.
With the huge variety and variety of Amazonian instruments, this is the perfect tool to not only create Amazonian music, but also to add a special element to your epic or dramatic songs.
Check out some of these beautiful musical instruments made by our great local craftsmen!
With Composer Edition, 100 instruments, mixed by the best audio engineers in Brazil, are ready to play anytime, anywhere with very little RAM requirement.
With a clean and simple interface, all you have to do is download the instrument and start playing. No complications or additional configuration is required.
You won’t believe your ears.
Never tried before
After extensive research and in order to provide you with a complete instrument to achieve the true sound of the Amazon rainforest depths, we have carefully selected over 100 instruments created by unique natives that will satisfy any need and taste.
The Chosen Ones
From instrument makers to professional musicians, we have chosen our team based not only on their musical prowess and technique, but also on their affinity and connection to their instrument. The result speaks for itself.
Spiritual connection
There is a deep meaning behind every note played or every beat.
Get ready to compose your next song with instruments filled with history and spirituality.

Instruments and Articulations
* Short Notes = SN | Long Notes = LN | Fills = Fi | Effects = FX | Chords = Ch
Amassador Macaco: SN, Fi, Lo
Caixa de Marabaixo Aguda: SN, Fi, Lo, FX
Caixa de Marabaixo Grave: SN, Fi, Lo, FX
Cajon Cuia: SN, Fi, Lo, FX
Gamba de Maués Grave: SN , Fi, Lo, FX
Gamba Grande: SN, Fi, Lo, FX
Gamba Médio: SN, Fi, Lo, FX
Gambazinho: SN, Fi, Lo, FX
Surdo: SN, Lo, FX
Tambor de Alfaia: SN, Fi, Lo, FX
Tambor de Marabaixo: SN, Fi, Lo, FX
Tambor de Porto Velho: SN, Fi, Lo, FX
Tambor de Tucumã: SN, Fi, Lo, FX
Tumbadouras: SN, Fi, Lo, FX
Bongo de Cuia: SN, Fi, Lo
Caixinha: SN, Fi, Lo, FX
Repique: SN, Lo, FX
Taboquinha: SN, Fi, Lo, FX
Tambor D’Água: SN, Fi, Lo, FX
Tambor de Caça: SN, Fi, Lo, FX
Tambor de Cuia Maior: SN, Fi, Lo
Tambor de Cuia Menor: SN, Fi, Lo
Tambor de Tubo: SN, Fi, Lo
Tambor de Vara: SN, Fi, Lo
Trocano I: SN, Fi, Lo
Trocano II: SN, Fi, Lo
Cuia Bocó: SN, Fi, Lo, FX
Glock de Castanha: SN, Lo
Jon Cuia: SN, Fi, Lo, FX
Macacarecuia: SN, Fi, Lo
Motor de Centro: FX
Palminhas: SN, Fi, Lo, FX
Tambor de Barriga: SN, Fi, Lo, FX
Tamborinho: SN, Fi, Lo, FX
Buzina de Bambu: SN, FX
Buzina de Motor: FX
Buzina Tariano: SN, FX
Cancão: SN, FX
Flauta com Cariço: SN, LN, FX
Flauta Cotia: SN, LN, FX
Flauta de Jupati: SN, LN, FX
Flauta Dupla: SN, FX
Flauta Indígena: SN, LN, FX
Mawako Bambu: SN, LN, FX
Mawako Femea I: SN, FX
Mawako Femea II: SN, FX
Mawako Femea III: SN, FX
Mawako Infantil: SN, LN, FX
Mawako Macho I: SN, FX
Mawako Macho II: SN, FX
Mawako Tariano: LN, FX
Yapurutu : SN, FX
Yapurutu Pachiuba: SN, FX
Charango: SN, LN, Ch, FX
Cuatro Venezuelano: SN, Ch, FX
Aldeia/Tribe: FX
Sr. Miguel: FX
Caracaxá: SN, FX
Casa de Caba: SN, FX
Check Triplo: SN, FX
Chocalho de Aroré: SN, FX
Chocalho de Caracol: FX
Chocalho de Coco: SN, FX
Chocalho de Satere: SN, FX
Chocalho de Tucuma: SN , FX
Chocalho de Nhambe: SN, FX
Favamaraca: SN, FX
Nhambe Inaja: SN, FX
Nhambe Seringa: SN, FX
Peito de Moça: SN, FX
Perereca Verde: SN, FX
Pica Pau: SN, FX
Re Cuia: SN, FX
Rocar: SN, FX
Tauari: SN, FX
Apito de Grilo: SN, FX
Apito de Mari: SN, FX
Apito de Embolo: SN, FX
Bacururu de Palha Maior: SN, FX
Bacururu de Palha Menor: SN, FX
Balanço de Redes: FX
Canto de Guariba I: SN
Canto de Guariba II: FX
Chocalho de Jatoba: FX
Chocalho de Rodelas: FX
Cipó D’Água: FX
Chuá-Chuá I: FX
Chuá-Chuá II: SN, FX
Gavião Real: FX
Ocarina dos Pássaros: SN, FX
Ocarina: SN, FX
Papagaio Moleira: FX
Pau de Chuva I: SN, FX
Pau de Chuva II: SN, FX
Remo: SN, FX
Sapo Cururu: FX
Sapos: FX
Tambor de Mola: FX
Tambor de Trovão: FX
Tambor Sideral: FX
Trototó: SN, Lo, FX
Trovão de Mola: FX
Uru: FX
Vassourão: SN, FX
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