DJ Swivel – Knocktonal v1.1.0

DJ Swivel is a Grammy-winning music producer and mix engineer, known for his work with some of the biggest names in pop music, including Beyoncé, The Chainsmokers, and BTS. In addition to his engineering and production work, DJ Swivel has also been making his mark in the world of music software, with his latest release, Knocktonal, a unique plugin designed for creating melodic loops and textures.

Knocktonal is a creative tool that allows producers and composers to easily create melodic patterns and harmonic textures, with just a few clicks. The plugin features a user-friendly interface that’s divided into two main sections – the “knock” section and the “tonal” section.

The “knock” section is designed for creating rhythmic patterns and includes a range of pre-programmed beats and grooves, as well as a step sequencer for programming your own rhythms. The sequencer can be customized with various swing and velocity settings, allowing you to create organic and dynamic patterns.

The “tonal” section, on the other hand, is designed for creating melodic patterns and includes a range of scale presets, chord progressions, and arpeggiator settings. The presets are designed to work with the rhythms created in the “knock” section, and can be customized with various settings, including octave range, chord voicing, and arpeggiator speed.

The plugin features a randomization feature, which allows you to generate new patterns and textures with just a click of a button. The randomization feature can be adjusted to control the level of variation and complexity in the patterns, allowing you to find the perfect balance between predictability and surprise.

Knocktonal includes a range of effects and processing options, including reverb, delay, distortion, and filtering. The effects can be used to further shape and manipulate the sound, allowing you to create everything from subtle textures to full-blown sonic landscapes.

DJ Swivel’s Knocktonal is a powerful and innovative plugin that offers a fresh approach to melodic and harmonic composition. Its user-friendly interface, pre-programmed patterns, and randomization features make it a valuable tool for producers and composers who are looking to add unique and creative elements to their music. Whether you’re a seasoned music professional or a beginner, Knocktonal is definitely worth checking out.

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