Synth Ctrl – Presets Collection 2

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Overview of Preset Packs:

  • Cyberpunk Pack : Step into this sci-fi future and you’ll find distorted bass, harsh harps, dark and futuristic leads, retro cybernetic pads and more.
  • Darksynth Pack : Start this journey into the unknown, create your own sci-fi stories and experiment with our futuristic sound presets that will allow you to create a variety of compositions in the style of Perturbator and Carpenter Brut, but with the soul of soundtracks like Blade Runner and Tron.
  • Darkwave Pack: This collection of presets also brings bass sounds and industrial influences into the mix and gives you everything you need – from sparkling pads to ear-shattering leads. This pack is packed with sound blasts that will unleash all your creative chaos.
  • Neo Funk Pack :
    We’ve worked hard at Synth Ctrl to create the funkiest Serum preset pack possible, with those killer synth basses and groove-filled guitars you just can’t go wrong.
    So if you want to sound like Chromeo, Breakbot, Justice or Daft Punk, you need to get this set.

Features of Preset Packs:

  • Cyberpunk Pack
    45 Arps, 41 Bass, 7 Keys, 20 Lead, 12 Pad, 10 Pluck.
  • Darksynth Pack
    52 Arps, 42 Bass, 12 Keys, 14 Lead, 8 Pad, 7 Pluck.
  • Darkwave
    49 Arps, 35 Bass, 11 Keys, 10 Lead, 20 Pad, 9 Pluck.
  • Neo Funk Pack
    5 Arps, 12 Bass, 13 Chords, 9 Keys, 8 Lead, 7 Pad.


  • Windows:
    Presets: Documents/Xfer/Serum Presets/Presets/.
    Tables: Documents/Xfer/Serum Presets/Tables/.
  • MAC :
    Presets: Library-Audio Presets – Xfer Records – Serum Presets – Presets.
    Tables: Library – Audio Presets – Xfer Records – Serum Presets – Tables.

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