Blue Cat Audio – Axiom v2.0.4

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Overview of Axiom from Blue Cat:

Meet Axiom from Blue Cat, a universal and open software for modeling multi-effects and amplifiers for guitar and bass. Built on Destructor’s renowned amp modeling plugin, Axiom offers an endless supply of exceptional tones to enhance the musical expression of your axe.

Features of Axiom:

    • Powerful and limitless multi-effects and amp modeling software for guitar and bass.
    • Authentic, fully customizable amp modeling powered by Blue Cat’s Destructor.
    • Versatile routing with 2 parallel amp modeling channels and extensive input and master sections.
    • Over 100 high-quality built-in effects – from wah, delay and reverb to equalizer, filters, distortion, compressors, gates, chorus, flanger, phaser and more.
    • Blue Cat’s Re-Guitar, Destructor, and Late Replies are included as built-in effects.
    • Customize the user interface to suit your preferences, from simple EZ mode to deep editing.
    • Seamless recording over backing tracks (Application).
    • Lightning-fast built-in tuner for precise tuning.
    • Built-in MIDI-controlled looper.
    • An open and extensible platform that supports third-party VST, VST3 and Audio Unit (AU) plugins.
    • Loading and manipulating impulse responses (IR) in an amp simulator or equalizer plugin.
    • Comes with thousands of presets for all sections and built-in effects.
    • Download third-party virtual instruments to play along with them.
    • Simplified effect control with customizable macro parameters.
    • Global control of stereo spread.
    • Locking sections to prevent changes when loading presets.
    • No delays.

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