Steinberg Nuendo 13 v13.0.10 Mac OS

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Free Download Steinberg Nuendo 13 Latest Version [13.0.10]  for Mac OS.

Overview of Nuendo 13:

Nuendo (Steinberg Nuendo) is a professional DAW. It has the ability to work with audio files of various formats, as well as with MIDI data via a sequencer. Supports VST, VSTi, ASIO technologies.
It differs from another popular line of software products – Steinberg Cubase in that it is aimed not only at musicians, but also at any professional scoring activity, including. films, TV programs, advertisements, radio broadcasts and other things. 

The functional content is consistent with this, representing an “extended version of Cubase” with additional professional amenities, for example: more surround channels, surround plug-ins, improved surround panner, improved crossfade editor, better controller support, AAF and EDL import, networking, improved automation subsystem, professional duplicate system, etc. 

It should be noted, however, that earlier versions did not have the VariAudio feature for graphical vocal pitch correction.

Features of Nuendo 13:

  1. ADR Script Reader: Nuendo 13 streamlines ADR workflows by introducing the ADR Script Reader. This feature eliminates cumbersome document-based processes, allowing ADR takes to be viewed on any tablet or laptop within the LAN network. It enables real-time script changes, digital script access for voice talent, and seamless editing and note-taking within Nuendo’s marker data.

  2. TonalMatch: TonalMatch, a new direct offline process (DOP), analyzes audio recordings’ sound characteristics. It facilitates the transfer of these characteristics to other clips, ensuring a precise match of spectral profiles (EQ) and ambient noise floor. TonalMatch expedites the matching of ADR sessions to the original production sound, surpassing the capabilities of traditional EQs and editing plugins.

  3. VoiceSeparator: Introducing VoiceSeparator, an AI-based VST plugin designed to detect and isolate spoken dialogue amidst complex background noises. It can distinguish and reduce undesired voice sounds, offering flexibility in isolating desired sounds and enhancing the clarity of spoken dialogue. VoiceSeparator can be used as an insert effect or direct offline process (DOP).

  4. VocalChain Plug-in: Nuendo 13 addresses the art of dialogue editing, processing, and creative voice sound design with the VocalChain plugin. Featuring dedicated modules for various voice processing steps, VocalChain streamlines post-production tasks. With an array of presets exclusively crafted for post-production, VocalChain enhances efficiency in voice sound design.

  5. Detect Silence Extensions: The updated Detect Silence panel simplifies dialogue cleanup while retaining background noise for use on a separate track. It automates the splitting of dialogue content into silent and non-silent areas, allowing for individual editing of dialogue and silent events as needed for the project.

Technical Details & System Requirements:

  • Version: 13.0.10
  • Interface language: English
  • System requirements: macOS Sonoma, macOS Ventura, macOS Monterey, Native App, Rosetta 2 App
  • CPU: Minimum Intel® Core™ i5 (late 2015 or later) or Apple silicon
  • CPU cores: 4 or more
  • RAM: Minimum 8 GB
  • Display resolution minimum at 100% UI scaling 1440 x 900
  • Hard disk free space (core installation): 1 GB

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