Rob Papen – Albino 3 Legend v3.5.0

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Free Download Albino 3 Legend by Rob Papen Latest Version [v3.5.0]  for Windows.

Overview of Albino-3 Legend:

Resurrection of the legendary and innovative software synthesizer from the past! Released in 2006, Albino-3 was the result of a collaboration between virtual instrument designer Peter Linzener and Dutch sound designer and musician Rob Papen.

Now Albino-3 Legend has been revived, and under the guidance of our in-house programmers, we have added VST3 support, various GUI sizes, compatibility with the latest operating systems and PC and Mac processors. 

Features of Albino-3 Legend:

Key features of Albino-3 include high-quality presets in a wide range of styles, a user-friendly interface, highly flexible oscillators, four types of stereo filters, a huge range of processing and modulation capabilities, a powerful flexible arpeggiator and a layer system that allows you to combine up to four layers in one preset.

Technical Details & System Requirements:

The revived Albino-3 Legend boasts VST3 support, compatibility with the latest operating systems, and adaptability to both PC and Mac processors. Its technical specifications include:

  • 4 separate layers for synthesizing rich, complex sounds
  • +2100 presets from Rob Papen and various artists
  • 4 oscillators per layer with different types (analog, digital, noise, audio input)
  • Stereo filters (Silk, Cream, Scream) with panning and modulation capabilities
  • 8 envelopes (ADSFR and 5-step) with separate slope/curve settings
  • 4 LFOs with various waveforms and MIDI sync
  • Modulation matrix with 16 routes, 27 sources, and 36 destinations
  • Arpeggiator with a 32-step rhythm sequencer and various modes
  • Spread function for super fat detuned sounds, chord memory mode, and more.
  • Format: VSTi, VST3i, AAX.
  • Bit capacity: 64bit
  • System requirements: WIN 10+

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