Spitfire Audio – Albion ONE v1.7 (KONTAKT)

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Albion ONE: Your Ultimate Movie Music Companion

Albion ONE stands as the epitome of orchestral sample libraries, setting the stage for crafting breathtaking movie music. This comprehensive title boasts a 109-piece orchestra, accompanied by a cinematic percussion section recorded at the renowned Lyndhurst Hall within AIR Studios, London. To complement this, award-winning deformable loops and an expansive steam synthesizer await your creative touch. Albion ONE is a versatile powerhouse, radiating dynamism and energy across genres. With the option to select from four microphone positions and a rich array of articulations, including the esteemed legatos, it caters to both novices and seasoned composers.

The Legendary Recording Studio For the creation of a remarkable film scoring tool, Albion ONE ventured where the finest movie scores were born – AIR Studios, founded by the iconic producer Sir George Martin, often hailed as the “Fifth Beatle.” Lyndhurst Hall at AIR Studios has been the go-to destination for Hollywood directors, gracing countless blockbusters like The Lord of the Rings, Interstellar, Justice League, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, and many more. Albion ONE’s recordings were meticulously engineered by award-winning professionals using top-tier equipment, including priceless ribbon and tube microphones through Neve Montserrat preamps, the world’s largest 88R Neve console, and pristine 2-inch tape. The conversion process, entrusted to Prism’s cutting-edge 96k A/D converters, leaves no stone unturned in capturing this collection with unparalleled authenticity.

Unrivaled Orchestral Precision Albion’s original mission was straightforward: deliver a comprehensive tool for crafting film scores. Spitfire Audio rallied 109 of London’s finest musicians, renowned for their contributions to Oscar-winning sessions and global concerts. They were recorded with a variety of playing techniques, covering short and long notes, tremolos, pizzicato, and more, each carefully mapped out according to note range and section. This meticulous design affords you total command over your orchestral compositions, ensuring every note shines.

Expressive Legato Articulation Albion ONE proudly showcases Spitfire Audio’s exclusive legato articulation, seamlessly blending neighboring samples for maximum musicality. This feature activates when a signal note triggers the section to play phrases, enhancing your compositions with expressive depth.

Microphone Positioning Flexibility With four microphone positions—close, wood, outriggers, and environment—you can tailor your sound to suit your music style and desired scale. Additionally, the “ostinatum” designer empowers you to instantly create compelling rhythmic snippets, whether they are thrilling, suspenseful, or dynamically charged.

Darwin Percussion For those cinematic drumming needs, Albion ONE offers a comprehensive selection, ranging from subtle nuances to thunderous impacts. Spitfire Audio has captured some of London’s most massive drums, including high sticks, low taiko, and toms, with an added touch of epic percussion hits from Easter Island. These recordings, supervised by experienced chief engineer Jake Jackson at Spitfire Audio and an AIR Studios resident, ensure top-notch mixes.

Brunel Loops: Your Creative Toolkit Complementing the raw singles from AIR Studios, Spitfire Audio recorded hundreds of raw and distorted loops, performed by the skilled percussionist Paul Clarvis (known for Spectre, The Dark Knight, Harry Potter, Star Wars). Brunel Loops, powered by the potent eDNA engine, empowers you to reshape your music with synchronization, warping, sequencing, impacts, and blending options, offering endless potential for crafting your signature loops.

Stephenson’s Steam Band: A World of Synthesis The latest Albion ONE update introduces 100 new Stephenson’s Steam Band presets, meticulously crafted by Spitfire Audio founders and composers Christian Henson and Paul Thomson. Simultaneously, the orchestral material has been pushed to its limits, undergoing transformations that range from gentle stretching to radical distortion, achieved through vintage boat motors and quirky guitar pedals. This library, hosted within the highly customizable eDNA engine, transforms Stevenson’s Steam Band into an unmatched orchestral synthesizer bridging the gap between orchestral and electronic realms.

Seamless Integration with Kontakt Player Albion ONE is seamlessly designed for use with Native Instruments’ Kontakt Player. It’s also NKS-ready, offering pre-configured, game-ready functionality, complete with indicator lights for visual key switching, splitting, display feedback, and library browsing.

What’s New in Albion ONE:

  • Fresh User Interface Design and NKS Integration
  • Orchestral Additions: 15 new combination patches for diverse textures and instrument groups
  • Percussion Enhancements: Additional Easter Island hits and enhanced mixes by Jake Jackson
  • Stevenson’s Steam Synth: 63 new sounds and 67 presets by Christian Henson
  • Brunel Loops: 78 new 8th, 16th, and 12th rhythm pattern recordings, plus 90 new presets, including 51 curated by Christian Henson

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