Sonuscore – Lyrical Cello Phrases v1.2 (KONTAKT)

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If you’ve ever wanted to harness the immense emotional power of a cello, LYRICAL CELLO PHRASES is what you need need to. What would your compositions be like, how would you feel if you had a world-class cellist with you, living whenever and wherever you make music? Experience this feeling with LYRICAL CELLO PHRASES and present yourself with a great tool that will take your workflow, productivity and creativity to the next level.
A group of composers challenged us: they challenged us to create an instrument for the cello to take their compositional process to a whole new level: these composers not only wanted their needs met, they also asked us to find a way to harness the strengths of a true instrumentalist … We asked our composers what they were looking for in a new instrument. They told us they want high quality sound, they want their workflow to go at their thought speed or faster, and at best, these tools inspire new creative ideas.
LYRICAL CELLO PHRASES is the best of both worlds: it combines the creative freedom that a composer enjoys with the expressiveness and emotion of a true instrumentalist – all at your fingertips.
[NEW FEATURE: We have updated the software so you can now change themes using the keyswitch. Check out the Update Video below]
All themes were performed by our select cellist Matthias Olveti (recorded for The Elder Scrolls Online, …), whose improvisational talent unleashed the strengths of the cello at full throttle. With over 70 freely combinable phrases spread over 10 themes in all keys, plus 2 additional bonus themes, this library is a tool that empowers every creative composer to create an impressive project from scratch.
In addition to choosing these hand-crafted themes, Lyrical Cello Phrases has a legato instrument so you can freely play the melodies that come your way, with two different note lengths to choose from.

What’s new
– We removed the Zone Volume Envelopes from the Phrase Instrument because an internal KONTAKT error does not scale them correctly when Time Stretch is applied. This causes phrases to disappear too early. Envelopes have been applied to counter another KONTAKT error that causes clicks when multiple phrases are played at the same time and the keys are held down for longer than the duration of the phrases.

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