Soundiron – Luftballon 2.0 (KONTAKT)

Welcome to our library of Luftballon brass, percussion and sfx sounds! Luftballon is a collection of classic blowing, clapping, hissing, wheezing, twisting, squealing, stretching, deflating, farting, squeaking, rattling, banging, banging, clicks and other percussion, backing and tonal elements. Equally wind, sound effects and percussion library, this library is brimming with creativity. This collection was created using approximately 100 hundred balloons inflated with helium in all shapes and sizes. We recorded each of them with large diaphragm microphones positioned in close proximity to each other in a wide XY stereo field for an especially aggressive and dynamic sound.
For Luftballon 2.0 we have added new FX articulations and created completely new ambient from the source material. We’ve also remastered the samples, added usability with our modular template, and created 20 new custom FX presets to give you instant inspiration for your next movie / video game score, soundtrack, or music piece.

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