Sample Logic – Empyreal Atmosphere Designer (KONTAKT)

EMPYREAL AD is an advanced ambience designer optimized to be as creative and easy to use as possible. For too long, creating quality atmospheres by hand has been a painful and complex process with sample editing and applying effects. Now you can use the EMPYREAL engine to bring your soundscapes to life with advanced tools. Use the huge number of included samples or drag and drop your own atmospheres. Easily tweak and animate loop points, play direction, and loop position to create ever-changing voices that you’ll never hear twice. Add tons of FX and chains that can be animated on the fly for complete creative freedom, all in a logical and ergonomic user interface. This means easy navigation with an efficient dual-core sound engine, ideally suited for tempo-sync movement with LFOs, FX sequencers and an automatic mixer. With over 1,000 sounds and the ability to load your own samples, EMPYREAL is a virtual instrumental environment that will become your new lifesaver for creating unlimited atmospheres!

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