Sound Yeti – Wave – Ambition Expansion Pack (KONTAKT)

Extension for Sound Yeti library – Ambition v1.1 (KONTAKT)
Ambitions are growing again! As you know, Ambition is a synthesizer specialized in cinematic textures and soundscapes. This instrument is capable of uniquely conveying the true expression and emotion of the artist and composer, and is ideal for film and cinematic scoring. However, we have always known that Ambition is more than just a cinematic synthesizer. With this idea in mind, we started creating Ambition expansion packs to push the boundaries. Each expansion has its own distinctive and inspiring sonic character.
It’s time to introduce you to the new member of the Ambition – Wave Expansion Sound Collection.
Following in the footsteps of the Relic Expansion Pack, we decided to create a pack that would take Ambition in a new, slightly retro direction. In our brainstorming sessions for Wave, we were heavily inspired by the classic sounds of the 80s. Undoubtedly the golden age of synthesizers, the music of the 80s has inspired countless pop artists and composers since then, as synthesizers of the 80s became characteristic elements of entire musical genres.
With the release of the first two Ambition Expansion sound packs, Dawn and Dusk, last year, we were able to create two new sound palettes that expanded Ambition’s unique personality. Then we released Relic Expansion, which provided users with a collection of darker and more experimental sounds created using a wide range of unconventionally processed analog equipment.
With the resurgence of 80s sound in recent years, we knew we had to make an effort to create an expansion pack that could not only nod to classic synth sounds, but take them to a whole new level. We are confident that Wave Expansion does just that!
For Wave, we have focused our sound design process on using a wide variety of vintage synthesizers to convey the character of these in-demand instruments and sounds. The fat Moog bass, detuned analog oscillator stacks, chords, solos and brass of the Juno 106 are given new life with the powerful Ambition engine. We wanted to leverage the strengths and expressiveness of Ambition to enhance the quality of our analogue equipment.
Waveincludes a mixture of rich bass and synth solos, accompanied by emotional pads and movements. 70 PRESETS from 60 sample sources will inspire you to take a fresh look at the synthetic music of the 80s. You can hear pop anthems, power ballads, epic keyboard solos … Explore Wave through the prism of sonic shades of varying brightness, texture and vibe atmosphere.
Our sound engineers have meticulously recorded synthesizers with select equipment that complements rather than subtracts from the feel of these classic instruments. The ability to record directly to tape and use industry-leading Audient preamps in conjunction with A / D converters give these samples the clarity, character and warmth that only an all-analog signal path can provide. After the original sounds were collected, our team of sound engineers and composers set about creating snapshots / presets that bring users back to the days of John Carpenter; while leaning towards modern genres such as synth wave, steam wave, and contemporary music such as Stranger Things.

• 60 sample sources
• 70 snapshots
• 600 high-quality chromatic samples
• 1.18 GB of samples
• 9 Bass
• 14 Keys
• 19 Evolving
• 5 Leads
• 23 Pads Synths
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