Sound Yeti – Relic – Ambition Expansion Pack (KONTAKT)

Extension Library Sound Yeti – Ambition v1.1 (KONTAKT)
From the outset, Ambition was known as a tool that can capture the true expression and emotions of an artist or composer. Ambition creates the foundation for easy and intuitive expression, whether you’re using the built-in factory sample banks or the growing collection of sound expansion packs. Either way, you get the perfect musical expression from the first note you play.
With the release last year of the first two Ambition Expansion sound packs, Dawn and Dusk, we were able to create two new sound palettes that expanded Ambition’s unique personality. It’s time to introduce you to a new member of the Ambition Expansion family.
A fundamental collection of dramatic and expressive film scoring presets derived from modern hybrid sample sources. Relic features a mix of evolving synths and soothing pads, from calm and subtle to lush and muddy. 70 presets evoke feelings of aspiration, search, curiosity, tension and determination. Basic samples of analog instruments with unconventional processing open up new perspectives for Ambition. Relic is a sweet packaging with a cinematic flavor, perfect for professional soundtrack music.
Having experienced the turbulence and tension of recent days, we decided that it would be appropriate to create our next Ambition Expansion Sound Pack, dedicated to the theme of reflection, calmness and tranquility. The sound design of the Relic Expansion Pack was aimed at developing the calm and textural aspects of Ambition. Our efforts have revealed a collection of sounds and textures designed to inspire a sense of peace and serenity. All of this is created using a variety of unconventional recording methods and sound design processes.
With our goal of capturing the essence of peace and tranquility in this expansion pack, our immediate thought was to switch to analog! We believed that nothing soothes the soul more than the warm sound of tape and the additional sonic (im) enhancements that only a tape recorder and analog equipment can provide. In our sound design process, we have combined elements such as hum, crackle and trill, the sounds of the bow scraping strings with bad pitch, and the luscious sounds of analog synthesizers to bring Ambition to the peace. Many of these sounds were born of experimental and traditionally “wrong” recording methods. Adding noise to the signal chain, manipulating the tape while recording, and experimenting with phasing certain sounds are some examples of how how we were able to give Relic a certain sense of immersion and depth. These techniques give Relic a unique sense of fragility, warmth and humanity.

60 sample sources
70 snapshots
600 high-quality chromatic samples
1.47 GB of samples
12 Evolving
13 Keys
29 pads
8 Pulses & Motion
8 Playable Texture
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