[Sonic Academy / Bluffmunkey] Tech Tips Volume 80 with Bluffmunkey

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In these new set of Tech Tips, Bluffmunkey takes an in-depth look into synthesis to understand the different characteristics of what we hear so we know what to look for when designing our own presets.

From classic analog oscillators and how different filters sound through to different ways of using modulation envelopes, this course can really help you find the right sound.

Although pre-made presets are great, today’s synths have so much sound design potential, and if you’re starting to make your own sounds then these sets of videos are a must.
Check it out!

Bluffmunkey started his musical career at the tender age of 8 when the piano was force fed him on a daily basis. ‘You’ll thank me when you’re older, he was told’. Later on he studied orchestration and composition at school. When the teenage years hit, the ineviatable band was formed and the (expensive) journey into synthesis began. A couple of years of gigging live taught him the importance of securing your equipment in the back of the car.
During the following years technology changed from primarily hardware into software focussed studios and this is where he really started getting stuck into the art of synthesis and programming. Now he creates soundbanks with some of the biggest names in trance, and works with manufacturers and developers, helping them create factory content and preset packs for their synthesisers.

Tutorial 794 – Basic Oscillators (09:46)
Tutorial 795 – Extended Oscillator Types (16:46)
Tutorial 796 – Filters (07:59)
Tutorial 797 – Envelopes (08:08)
Tutorial 798 – LFOs (09:16)
Tutorial 799 – Velocity and Expression (09:07)
Tutorial 800 – Mod Sequencing (09:27)
Tutorial 801 – Are FX Sound Design? (06:01)
Tutorial 802 – Sample Oscillators (08:25)
Tutorial 803 – Putting It All Together (14:20)


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