Imperfect Samples – Fazioli Ebony Concert Grand Extreme Edition (KONTAKT)

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Imperfect Samples’ EBONY concert grand piano is the world’s largest sample grand piano. With a powerful and great sound, the piano behind this sample library is an imposing ten foot FAZIOLI handcrafted by the world’s most expensive piano makers and considered by many to be the elite of all grand pianos.

Finally, the epic piano was sampled imperfectly, with warmth, without sterility. Most piano libraries tend to sound sterile. The Fazioli Concert Grand offers an epic sound with imperfect samples, with a raw warm and rich tone not found in other commercial piano sample libraries. The sound of this piano is deep, full and epic, with elements of real performance that cannot be reproduced by synthesis or modeling. The Fazioli Ebony concert grand piano is desirable for situations where you want the grand, expensive sound of a real grand piano.

With a choice of 5 mic perspectives, up to a record 127 layers, true staccato, release samples, direct string selection, perfect and imperfect instruments, piano effects, muted keys, unmuted keys, piano body wood strikes, lid sounds and more, Fazioli Ebony Concert Grand contains over 70,000 samples.

Carefully recorded imperfectly, as with all Imperfect Samples libraries, the emphasis was on achieving a hyper-real and convincing sampled instrument with performance sounds. Classical instruments were also recorded with “perfect” sampling, with all tones muted and perfectly tuned.

In addition to the main instruments, unusual instruments are available, such as repetitive sampled string instruments, real staccato, and others.

This piano sample library is designed for use in pop, rock, orchestral, film, classical, jazz and just about any other genre. The microphone perspectives have been specially recorded to suit different genres and acoustic mixing spaces. For example, perspective 3 was recorded away from the piano, with more natural room reverb and a rich tone suitable for orchestral work. Perspective 5 has a dry, bright and thin sound suitable for rich rock mixes. Perspective 1 was recorded with piano keys with a beautiful and imperfect sound character suitable for solo work.

Additional Information
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