Plugin Alliance – Mixland Vac Attack v1.0.0

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Overview of Vac Attack – Vacuum Tube Optical Limiter: “Vac Attack is an analog optical limiter crafted for precise control of dynamics on individual tracks and groups. This versatile plugin, featuring a vacuum tube saturation circuit, infuses vocals, drums, bass, and the stereo bus with harmonically rich warmth and character.”

Features of Vac Attack – Vacuum Tube Optical Limiter:

  • “Tube Saturation: The vacuum tube circuit adds warm and harmonic richness to your audio, elevating its character.”
  • “Gain Link Function: This feature links the Reduction and Gain knobs, ensuring that increasing gain reduction also results in appropriate makeup gain, allowing for easy A/B comparisons.”
  • “Nonlinear Gain Reduction: Employing an optical design, Vac Attack applies non-linear gain reduction based on the input level and the Knee control setting, offering seamless compression.”
  • “Shelving Equalizer: A two-band equalizer with ‘J’ and ‘E’ modes provides tone-shaping options, with adjustable center frequencies for low and high pass filters.”
  • “Sidechain Equalizer: The built-in sidechain equalizer helps prevent unwanted pumping effects by filtering the sidechain signal.”
  • “Total Harmonic Distortion: Enhance your sound with harmonic richness using the THD feature, ideal for adding character to digital recordings.”
  • “Channel Control: Customize stereo processing with options for linking/unlinking left and right channels.”

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