Native Instruments DRIFT THEORY Expansion

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Overview of DRIFT THEORY Expansion

  • Explore a world of unique hip-hop products with our Universal Lo-fi kits and designs. These kits are designed to infuse your music with a distinctive, lo-fi vibe that’s perfect for hip-hop production.

Features of DRIFT THEORY Expansion

  • Included Content:
    • 50 Manufacture kits
    • 59 Battery kits
    • 10 Monark presets
    • 427 one-shots
    • 391 loops
  • Related Kontakt Library: Native Instruments – HOMAGE Play Series

Technical Details and System Requirements

  • Together, they offer a seamless experience.
  • Additional Details:
    • Embrace the world of lo-fi kits and designs, perfect for hip-hop and beyond.
    • Craft bold and unique grooves using a sound palette enriched by vintage hardware.
    • The collection includes 391 loops, 427 one-shots, 50 Maschine kits, 59 Battery kits, and 10 Monark presets.
    • Experience boundary-pushing music that pushes the limits of creativity.
  • Introducing Drift Theory: An Experimental Touch for Hip Hop:
    • As a bonus, we introduce “Drift Theory,” which brings an experimental touch to your hip-hop productions. This innovative addition features saturated synths, voices, keys, drums, and more, all infused with analog hardware and tape flavor. Drift Theory draws inspiration from the creative energy of the LA beat movement, making it the perfect tool for genre-blending beats with grit and swing.
  • Collaboration with MSXII Sound Design:
    • The creation of Drift Theory is the result of a collaboration between MSXII Sound Design and our team, ensuring the highest quality and innovation in your music production journey.
  • Discover the limitless possibilities of lo-fi and experimental hip-hop with our Universal Lo-fi kits, HOMAGE Play Series Kontakt library, and Drift Theory.

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