OverTone – Plugins Pack 2015 (WIN.OSX.LINUX)

OverTone.DSP.AF2-10.v2.4.1– Universal graphic equalizer with a wide range, zero delay, modeled after an analog device and with an FFT display. Many digital equalizers, including some popular digital workstations, can have an artificial and unintelligible filter response, especially at high end settings. This is often cited as a reason for describing the “plastic” sound of some EQs. The usual solution to this problem would be to either add more CPU resources or add more latency or other artifacts. The AF2-10 uses innovative filtering algorithms to accurately simulate the natural sound of analog designs, even at near-capacity sample rates, without requiring heavy CPU or latency.
OverTone.DSP.DYN500.v2.3.0 – Styled after the 500-series module format, the DYN500 provides soft compression combined with gentle tape saturation. Due to its low CPU consumption, the plug-in can be used on each channel as a dynamics processor, both mono and stereo, while providing processing at the level of professional consoles.
OverTone.DSP.DYN4000.v2.3.0 – emulation of one of the most famous British recording consoles, DYN4000 includes compressor/limiter and expander/gate sections
OverTone.DSP.EQ500.v2.3.0 is a versatile three-band parametric equalizer that uses our analog modeling filtering algorithms to accurately replicate the natural sounding analog response filter without requiring high sample rates or expensive upsampling.
OverTone.DSP.RVB500.v2.3.0 is an algorithmic sheet reverb capable of creating a rich variety of effects, with intuitive control and low computer resource requirements.

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Agnibh Dutta
Agnibh Dutta
9 months ago

It’s getting stuck after downloading 39.3%…