Ample Sound – Ample Ethno Banjo 1.5.0 (WIN/OSX)

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Ample Ethno Banjo is your gateway to bringing the distinctive sound of the Derring Dierra Banjo right into your studio. With its meticulously sampled sounds and advanced playing techniques, this virtual instrument opens up a world of possibilities for musicians and producers seeking to infuse their compositions with the rich tones of a banjo.


  • Sampled Brilliance: The library boasts a substantial 3.9 GB of samples that capture the essence of the Derring Dierra Banjo, ensuring both stereo and mono playback modes for versatility.

  • Controllable Resonance: Tailor your sound with precision using the controllable resonance feature, allowing you to shape the banjo’s sonic character.

  • Rich Fingering Sound: Experience the authenticity of rich fingering sounds that breathe life into your compositions.

  • Extensive Articulations: Unlock your creativity with an array of articulations including sustain, palm mute, natural harmonic, slide in & out, legato slide, hammer on & pull off, pop, strum, and more.

  • SAHDS Modulation System: Each voice within the instrument features its SAHDS modulation envelope, providing natural and realistic vibratos while simplifying modulation control.

  • Advance Bend: Bend each string individually while maintaining the status of other strings for an authentic instrument simulation.

  • CPC (Customized Parameters Control): Take control of any button, knob, or parameter through MIDI CC or Automation, allowing you to fine-tune your sound.

  • Poly Legato and Slide Smoother: Achieve seamless legato transitions and smoother slides for expressive playing.

  • Alternate Tuner: Experiment with alternate tuning options to explore new musical horizons.

  • Multiple Capo Logics: Enjoy various automatic fingering logic options suitable for different performance styles, from solo to chorus, and more.

Enhanced Composition Tools:

  • Riffer: Create intricate melodies with ease using the String Roll Editor, which provides detailed visualization of articulation, expression, and more.

  • Dice – Random Riff Generator: Generate fresh inspiration with this innovative tool, offering carefully crafted musical insights rather than random patterns.

  • Multiple Formats Conversion: Convert between Riff, MIDI, and Tab formats effortlessly, preserving all the nuances of your performance.

  • Strummer: Elevate your compositions with 14 strum notes, 26 play styles for each chord, strum legato capabilities, and realistic humanization settings.

Powerful FX and Tab Player:

  • FX: Fine-tune your sound with a high-order 8-band EQ, 2-line compressor, 6-tap echo, and IR reverb. Visualize your adjustments in real-time.

  • Tab Player: Load and play various guitar tablature file formats, display specific tracks, and even export tablature as audio files when used in DAWs.


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