Overloud – Gem Comp76 v2.0.10 macOS [Intel/Apple] [WIN K-Gen]

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NEW Features:

  • Three Unique Units: Modelled after Rev. A, Rev. D, and Rev. F, this versatile plugin brings the distinct characteristics of each unit to your fingertips.
  • Low Frequency Sensitivity: Take control of low-frequency response with the sensitivity control, shaping your sound with precision.
  • Harmonics Control: Adjust the amount of harmonics introduced to your audio, giving you unparalleled creative freedom.
  • Oversampling Options: Fine-tune your sound with oversampling control, including an ultra-oversampling mode for pristine audio quality.
  • Harmonics Metering: Visualize your sound with the new harmonics metering feature, making it easier to achieve your desired results.
  • Precise Calibration: Enjoy improved accuracy with the -16dBFS VU-Meter Calibration.

Key Features:

  • Hyper-Realistic Simulation: Thanks to cutting-edge 4th generation DSP technology, this plugin offers a hyper-realistic simulation of the original unit, capturing every nuance and detail.
  • Parallel Compression: Benefit from built-in parallel compression, adding depth and dimension to your audio with ease.
  • Mid-Side Processing: Achieve stunning stereo imaging with built-in mid-side processing, expanding your sonic possibilities.
  • Sidechain Processing: Harness the power of sidechain processing, allowing you to create dynamic, responsive mixes.
  • Transformer Emulation: Experience the sound of the original unit with detailed simulation of all transformers.
  • All-Buttons-In Mode: Emulate the iconic All-buttons-in mode, delivering that classic, timeless sound.
  • Efficient CPU Usage: Enjoy low CPU usage, making it possible to run over 1000 instances on a MacBook Pro Retina.
  • Abundance of Presets: Access a wealth of presets designed during real mixing sessions, jump-starting your creativity.

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