Native Instruments – HAZY DAYS Expansion

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Immerse yourself in the captivating realm of genre-blending hip hop with HAZY DAYS, a remarkable library that fuses real drum sounds, classic keys, modular synths, and soulful vocals into a warm, grainy soundscape. This unique collection offers you the tools to craft authentic and soul-stirring hip hop compositions, perfect for artists and producers seeking that distinctive 90s vibe or aspiring to create a fresh, soulful flavor.

Key Features:

  • Extensive Sound Palette: HAZY DAYS boasts an extensive sound palette that includes 50 MASCHINE kits, 55 BATTERY kits, 7 MASSIVE presets, 12 MONARK presets, 434 loops, and 226 one-shots, providing you with an abundance of creative resources.
  • Analog Treatment: All the included instruments, sounds, and vocals have undergone meticulous processing with analog gear, resulting in a gritty, vinyl-style sound that’s synonymous with classic hip hop.
  • Compatibility: This library is compatible with Maschine 2 (v.2.17.4) and Battery 4 (v.4.3.0), offering seamless integration into your music production workflow. It can be accessed under the Files tab.

Additional Information:

HAZY DAYS is a treasure trove of laid-back samples, loops, and beats designed to infuse your music with rhythmic swing, soulful chord progressions, and mellow vocals. Collaboratively created with Emeric Zubar, known as BLAKE, this collection captures the essence of conscious hip hop, channeling the nostalgic spirit of the 90s.

Craft Your Signature Sound:

Whether you’re seeking to recreate the faithful sound of the 90s or looking to carve out a brand-new, soulful hip hop identity, HAZY DAYS is your go-to resource. With a rich selection of original instruments and effects, this library empowers you to express your unique musical vision.

Please Note: The library is distributed in an unpacked format, and while it has been tested successfully in Maschine 2 and Battery 4, clear instructions on how to add it to the registry may be required from experienced users.


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