iZotope – Music Production Suite Pro 2021.12

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Welcome to the future of professional music creation! Our latest update, RX v9.2.0, brings you an unparalleled collection of cutting-edge plugins designed to take your music production to the next level. With a comprehensive suite of tools at your fingertips, including Neutron Pro, Ozone Pro, Nectar Pro, Melodyne, and many more, you’ll have everything you need to craft exceptional music and unlock your creative potential.

The Power of Integration:

Our all-inclusive package not only provides you with the latest version of RX Pro for Music but also bundles essential plugins that are vital for every music creator. Dive into a world of sonic possibilities with Neutron Pro, harness the mastering capabilities of Ozone Pro, fine-tune your vocals with Nectar Pro, and explore the limitless possibilities of Melodyne 5 Essential. But that’s not all – you’ll also gain access to Relay, Visual Mixer, Neoverb Pro, Tonal Balance Control Pro, VocalSynth Pro, and Insight Pro.

Exclusive Content and Expert Insights:

Our commitment to your growth as a music creator goes beyond the plugins themselves. By joining our community, you’ll tap into a wealth of exclusive content from industry experts. Learn from the best as they share their knowledge and guide you through the finer points of music making. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting your musical journey, there’s always something new to discover.

The Comprehensive Lineup:

  • Neutron Pro v3.8.0: Unleash the power of advanced audio processing and achieve pristine mixes with Neutron Pro.

  • Ozone Pro v9.11.0: Elevate your tracks to professional levels of clarity, balance, and brilliance with Ozone Pro.

  • RX Pro for Music v9.2.0: The industry-standard audio repair toolkit is now even more powerful and intuitive.

  • Nectar Pro v3.6.1: Transform your vocal tracks with precision and finesse using Nectar Pro.

  • Melodyne v5.1.1: Explore the art of pitch and time manipulation with the acclaimed Melodyne.

  • Relay v1.2.1: Achieve seamless communication between your plugins and streamline your workflow.

  • Visual Mixer v3.7.0: Visualize your mix and make precise adjustments with ease.

  • Neoverb Pro v1.1.0: Revolutionize your reverb processing with intelligent and adaptive algorithms.

  • Tonal Balance Control Pro v2.4.0: Achieve perfect tonal balance across your mix and master effortlessly.

  • VocalSynth Pro v2.4.1: Push the boundaries of vocal manipulation and sound design.

  • Insight Pro v2.2.0: Gain invaluable insights into your audio with comprehensive metering and analysis tools.


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