GetGood Drums – One Kit Wonder: Architects (KONTAKT)

One Kit Wonder: Architects presents the huge and energetic modern drum sounds that Architects drummer Dan Searle is known for. So famous that we’ve been getting requests for the Architects library for years!
Dan’s setup consists of a kick drum and floor toms, a rich timbre single rack tom and a hefty, low-pitched dry snare drum. He plays a lot of fairly dark sounding Zildjian cymbals, with big crashes, big hi-hats, some really cool effects cymbals, a couple of X-hats, and an extremely explosive ride that many GGD users have been asking for.
To work with this library you need NI Kontakt Player or Kontakt FULL v6.6.0 and higher!

Additional Information
Kontakt Player Library (with full NKS integration) and can be used with Kontakt’s Free Player – no need to buy the full version of Kontakt to use GGD!
Mix ready drum tones – good to go out of the box
A brand new, fully-featured and intuitive UI
Built-in Groove player
Built-in Master EQ, Parallel Compression and Reverb
The entire kit is tuned to perfection, so you’ll never be fighting against sour notes in your mix
Every sample is phase-coherent for easy layering
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