[IO Music Academy] Sound Design in Serum with GES

Get the truth Serum with GES and learn how to use this incredibly powerful VST to design any sound that comes to mind. In this 5 day course you will learn the ins and outs of Serum – as well as sound design practices and secrets to level up your sonic arsenal. GES (Greg Somerville) has been relying on Serum as one of his sound design Swiss army knives for 4 years and counting.
Your Instructor
GES (Greg Somerville) has worked with playback and production outfit Electronic Creatives, and has produced and designed touring Ableton Live sessions for Logic, Kid Cudi, AlunaGeorge, Jon Bellion, Caroline Polachek and more. Greg is also from New York City and loves getting goosebumps, because that’s how you can tell.

Lesson 1 – Gettin’ GUI with it
Lesson 2 – Exploring Oscillators, Envelopes, and LFOs
Lesson 3 – Advanced Matrix and FX Techniques
Lesson 4 – FM Synthesis in Serum
Lesson 5 – Advanced Sound Design in Serum
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Calleb Callowey
Calleb Callowey
1 year ago

please Studio + Tainy: Beat Making & Music Production would be very epic