Arturia Rev INTENSITY v1. 4.0+Rev PLATE-140v1. 5.0+Rev SPRING-636v1 .4.0[MORiA]MacOS [Intel/Apple]

Innovative algorithmic reverberation.
Limitless creative possibilities yet easy on the processor, this algorithmic reverb is a completely original Arturia design that allows you to modulate almost any parameter.
Rev SPRING-636
Physically modeled reverb effect.
Combining a lively springtime reverb with a rich, fuzzy germanium preamp, it can give a serious tone to your tracks and bring vintage dub vibes to anything you like.
Rev PLATE-140 A
reborn titanium plate reverb.
The original ’60s unit weighed more than 4 people and cost more than a house, but now you can use an accurate reproduction of this legendary, game-changing reverb without breaking the bank or breaking your back.
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Arturia Rev INTENSITY v1.4.0 Mac MORiA[12/13/2022]
Arturia Rev PLATE-140 v1.5.0 Mac MORiA[12/13/2022]
Arturia Rev SPRING 636 v1.4.0 Mac MORiA[12.12.2022]
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