[IO Music Academy / Sacha Robotti] Start to Finish with Sacha Robotti

What better way to spend a week than with one of the certifiably nicest dudes in house and techno while learning all of his production secrets? Returning for his second IO Music Academy course, Sacha Robotti is going start to finish over five days to show you how he creates the music that’s made him a mainstay on labels like Octopus Recordings and Dirtybird. You’ll get an inside look at how Sacha creates his catchy grooves, slick bass lines, and gnarly synth riffs, as well as learning about his arrangement and mixing process. Take a journey into the creative mind of the sloth king himself in this special IO Music Academy start to finish course February 15th-19th.
Your Instructor
Sacha’s early years were spent in Berlin as a part of the duo Robosonic. After years of touring the world off the back of releases on Suara, Defected, and Off he moved stateside to pursue his solo career and have a hand at life in the United States. Now residing in Los Angeles, he is a staple of both Dirtybird and Desert Hearts, two of America’s biggest house communities.

Day 1 – Video (01:26:26)
Day 2 – Video (01:45:49)
Day 3 – Video (01:55:25)
Day 4 – Video (02:14:29)
Day 5 – Video (02:43:41)
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