Dark Intervals – SMOOTH GUITARS Vol.1 (KONTAKT)

SMOOTH GUITARS VOL 1 is an instrument based on the electric guitar sound source.
This is NOT a fully sampled guitar with many different articulations.
This is a multi-part tool designed for composers
looking for ready-made loops, bells and whistles.
Phrases and loops are pre-recorded and (when used in Kontakt) tempo-synced!
Loops and phrases are recorded in three keys (A, C and E), at a tempo of 90 bpm!
They are predominantly in the pentatonic scale, so in most cases they can be used in both major and minor scales.
The guitars used here are a vintage 1976 Gibson ES 175 and a 2016 Custom Shop El Diablo Stratocaster.

There are 8 instrumental patches :
1. Loops-Clean.
2. Loops-Clean(processed).
3. Loops wah.
5. Licks crunch.
6. Licks-wah.
7. Chords (major, minor, minor7).
8. Quarters.
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