Dark Intervals – GUITARS IN SPACE Vol.2 (KONTAKT)

This is a Kontakt instrument based on an electric guitar sound source.
During the recording process, we used a Jazzmaster-style guitar (1971 Hofner 164)
and a 2016 El Diablo Stratocaster, Custom shop, along with effects processors.
This instrument is an instrument for the ambient and cinematic genre,
with a very small amount of disk space required.
This is NOT a fully sampled guitar with many different articulations.
This is an instrument with several additional elements, created for composers,
looking for “that” specific sound. It’s simple, compact and easy to use, and
pairs beautifully with piano and ambient string sounds.

There are 10 instrument patches :
1. Plectrum (bridge).
2. Decime Shimmers (E-major).
3. Floating chords.
4. Blue motion.
5. Guitars on Kepler.
6. Velvet pulsar 1.
7. Velvet pulsar 2.
8. Diamond rain on Pluto.
9. Crystal rain on Pluto.
10. Quiet rain on Pluto.
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