Cinematique Instruments – Ronroco v2 (KONTAKT)

Ronroko is a stringed instrument similar to a mandolin, originally from the Andes. It has a resonator, traditionally made from an armadillo or tortoise shell. Nowadays this box is often made of wood and usually has ten strings in five rows of 2 strings each. Originally performed in traditional Andean music, today ronroco is commonly heard in the music of Gustavo Santaolalla.
We used different mic positions to create a realistic instrument and recorded Ronroco in 4 round robin variations and 3 to 5 velocity layers. All patches have several sound shaping options such as EQ, cabinet, distortion and reverb. We’ve also included an arpeggiator and a step sequencer. Ronroco is very inspiring and will definitely enrich your musical production.

Update note
In 2022, we recorded two new articulations with the new Ronroco instrument to significantly improve and complement the old version. You now have a sophisticated and expressive tool that can be used beautifully for musical genres such as film scores. Finally, we’ve added effects and editing capabilities, an arpeggiator, and developed a new and more intuitive graphical interface.
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