Cinematique Instruments – Mandolin v1.5 (KONTAKT)

The mandolin is a small stringed instrument that originated from the lute family in Italy in the 17th and 18th centuries. It is usually plucked with a plectrum and has 4 rows of twin metal strings, usually tuned to a perfect fifth. Our Mandolin is a flat-backed soprano mandolin from Ireland. It’s set up like a fiddle in GDAE.
Our primary goal was to create a mandolin instrument that provides a natural and organic feel. Our instrument provides two different plucked sounds: “Plec” and “Finger”, as well as “Vintage” and “Strummed” articulation. All of them are equipped with a convincing and organic tremolo function that allows you to easily play the mandolin in the typical “tragic” tremolo style. In addition, we have programmed a strumming engine that plays patterns based on the keys pressed. This is best for accompanying your song or music. It’s easy to use – you only need to draw your pattern in the sequencer and switch between dead notes and open strokes – that’s it. But you can also play manually by selecting the “play” articulation. Finally, we have added some editing and effects features, which allow you to shape the overall sound and use different types of reverb. The mandolin is an instrument that allows you to play music quickly and easily and enriches it with a natural and organic feel.

Update note
In update 1.5 we added presets and some new features (like Arp) and effects. We have also taken the design to the next level.
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