Bitwig Studio v5.0.4

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Bitwig Studio 5 introduces a range of exciting features, with the spotlight on its innovative Multi-Segment Envelopes and Curve Generators (MSEGs). These additions empower users to craft intricate envelopes with any number of points, enabling seamless looping. Curves offer the ability to draw geometric patterns on a dynamic grid, opening doors to unique LFO and automation patterns. The curve shapes created within MSEG are saved in the BWCURVE format and can be conveniently accessed in the preset browser.

Key Highlights:

  1. Custom Envelopes: Bitwig Studio 5 presents five new MSEGs, allowing users to draw envelopes with precision and complexity. Customize your sound like never before with multi-segment envelopes.

  2. Creative Curves: Dive into experimentation by drawing geometric patterns on the evolving grid. Unleash unique LFO and automation patterns that breathe life into your music.

  3. Oscillator Design: Shape your sonic landscape by creating custom oscillators using the Scrawl parameter. Craft sounds that are entirely your own.

  4. Waveshaper Control: Take control of your audio with the Transfer feature, enabling the creation of custom waveshapers. Explore new sonic possibilities.

  5. Slopes Phase Sequencer: Harness the power of the Slopes phase sequencer for precise control over your compositions. Dive deeper into sound design.

  6. User-Friendly Customization: Easily tailor multi-segment generators using intuitive pop-up windows. Resize the window to suit your preferences, simplifying the editing process.

  7. Seamless Integration: The update includes support for modulators like The Grid, Keytrack+, and Steps, allowing for smoother integration and customization.

  8. Enhanced Mixer Controls: Bitwig Studio 5 takes your music production to the next level by enabling mixer parameters as sources and destinations. Enjoy complete control over mixer functions, including sends, pans, and more.

Version 5.0.4 Release Notes (Released on July 25, 2023):

  • VST3 Presets Fix: VST3 presets now correctly appear in the default plug-in preset locations, resolving a regression issue from v5.0.1.

  • Project Remote Mapping: Users can now map Project Remotes to Shuffle Amount and related parameters, enhancing flexibility and control.

Bitwig Studio 5 empowers musicians, producers, and sound designers with a suite of innovative tools for sound manipulation and creative expression. Explore the possibilities, refine your sound, and take your music production to new heights with Bitwig Studio 5.


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