AIR Music Technology – AIR Sprite v1.0.0.3

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Sprite is a powerful multi-effects plugin that can be both simple and complex. Sprite makes synths shine,
brings guitars to life, and can dust vocals with sonic dust. A simple and intuitive user interface allows you to create sounds in seconds.
But this is only a small part of the possibilities, there is even more hidden under the hood.

Powerful multifunctional processor to create a wide range of breathtaking unique sounds.
Stunning user interface with an intuitive macro page for instant control of key parameters.
Massive set of ready-made presets categorized for instant use.
A huge number of ready-made presets, categorized for instant enjoyment.

Distortion section with nine distortion models with anti-aliasing, high/low pass filtering and mix control.
Two modulation slots with eight classic modulation types. In one slot, you can choose between Flutter, Wow, Tremolo and Auto-pan with appropriate speed, drift, stereo and depth controls.

In the second slot, choose between Chorus, Multi-chorus, Phaser and Flanger with Tempo, Depth, Feedback, Depth and Fader controls depending on the situation.

Reverb with eight different room characters, pre-delay, decay, time and volume controls.
Dedicated and incredibly powerful delay and reverb section.
BPM-syncable delay with Single, Dual and Cross modes, independent left and right time controls, feedback level and 24 feedback settings, width and fade controls.

Pitch shifter with adjustable depth, assignable mix target, interval and algorithm.
EQ section with high and low cut and shelving controls.
Width and balance adjusters.

Dedicated output EQ section with 31 character presets, plus a manual mode for detailed bass, mid, and treble shaping.
Envelope for automatically controlling the delay feedback and the delay and reverb mix depending on the level of the incoming sound.
End Width, Gain and Limiter controls.


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