Zenhiser – Progressive House Drummer 3 (WAV)

Progressive House Drummer 3 is filled with high quality progressive house drum sounds, designed specifically for Zenhiser and honed to absolute perfection. All drum sounds are epic, large-scale and damn punchy. With a total of 340 brand new drum samples divided into folder types, “Progressive House Drummer 3” will provide the ultimate tools for all Progressive House, House, Main Room House and Trance producers. With these drum beauties, the world of drum beats will be your highlight, you will have unlimited access to some of the best drum sounds you have ever heard, they are simply amazing.

Progressive House Claps – 50
Progressive House FX – 40
Progressive House Hi Hats – 50
Progressive House Kicks – 100
Progressive House Percussion – 50
Progressive House Snares – 50
Files – Audio: 340
Type – Audio: 24-Bit 44.1-Khz
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