Zenhiser – Epic Drum Rolls & Fills (WAV)

“Epic Drum Rolls & Fills” provides a variety of drum rolls and drum fills in epic proportions. Designed specifically for EDM, House, Trance, Electro House, Progressive House and all dance sub-genres, this Zenhiser kit delivers exactly what you need in perfect precession quality. As with all Zenhiser packs, we like to be a little ahead of the curve, so to keep the tradition with our other drum and drum filler packs, we’ve provided all by size for ease of use. Xtra Small Drum Rolls in 05. – 1 bar, Small Drum Rolls in 2 bars, Medium in 4 bars and Large in 8-16 bars in length samples. This makes browsing Zenhiser’s drum parts much easier, you can select the right drum for the right place in your track in seconds.

Xtra Small Drum Rolls – 40
Small Drum Rolls – 60
Medium Drum Rolls – 50
Large Drum Rolls – 25
FX Shots & Percussions – 100

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