XILS-Lab – Synthesizers Collection

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To offer quality instruments and tools that spark the imagination of musicians. Being surrounded by nature, we are always looking for ideas to add life and vibrancy to our algorithms, which is one of the reasons why our synths sound so good.

Plugins included
PolyKB III : Vintage polyphonic synthesizer.
PolyM : Beyond the Pleasure Principle.
StiX : Analog drum machine.
SynX 2 : Multilayer analog synthesizer.
XILS 4 : Ultimate Modular Analog.
XILS 201 : Vocoder and vintage multi-effect.
XILS 5000 : Organic vocoder.

PolyKB III v3.6.4 :
VST3 Midi assignment issues fixed.
UI enlarged sequencer panel can now be dragged.
PolyM v1.5.1 :
VST3 Sample rate changes are now taken into account.
VST3 Sustain Pedal and After touch now work correctly.
VST3 Midi CC assignment now works correctly.
VST3 FX now works fine.
OSX Fixed crashes after wrong signature, fixed random crashes when starting new PolyM.
GUI First run with smaller size.
GUI The glitch with the oscilloscope panel is now fixed.
GUI: Improved CPU management.
Mute all notes when changing the octave.
Stix v1.6.2 :
UI improved controls.
Rare random crashes fixed (OSX and windows).
SynX 2 v2.6.0 :
High Res UI.
New resizing options.
New UI engine with better CPU control and faster behavior.
VST3 support.
Audio Engine: Improved Cross-PWM.
XILS 4 v1.6.2 :
UP/DOWN presets work.
FX On/Off is now correctly called and read from a XILS 3 preset.
Protools No more crashes after nulling a track when inserting XILS 4.
VST3 Use as an effect now works.
Midi channel selection now works as expected.
XILS 201 and XILS 5000 v1.1.0 :
High resolution user interface with various sizes.
UI New XILS 5000 user interface to improve user experience.
UI Improved CPU management.
VST3 Midi controller assignment works.
Always the same fantastic and intelligible sound of our vocoder.


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