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“Whole Loops – GOLDEN BUNDLE” – a large package of what came out under the auspices of this publisher.
The distribution was updated on 10/23/2020.
packages added: 
Master Sauce (Preset for Ableton) Lead Vocal Sauce (Preset for Ableton)

Sets included in the package:

Raw Hits 1
Raw Hits 2
Hot Tropics 1
Hot Tropics 2
Hot Tropics 3
Urban Beets 1
Urban Beets 2 Urban Beets
Urban Beets 4
Poppin Plucks Presets for Serum
Karra Vocals for Serum
Poppin Progressions 1
Poppin Progressions 2
Acoustic Progessions 1
Electric Progression 1
Waves Drum Sauce
Disrespect Sauce (for Ableton)
Disrespect Sauce (for Waves)
UAD Master Sauce (Preset UAD Apollo or Satellite owners)
Fongs Rave Sauce (Preset for Ableton)
Drum Sauce (Preset for Ableton)
Background Sauce (Preset for Ableton)
Organic Female Vocals 1 (Vocal samples)
Organic Male Vocals 1 (Vocal Samples)
Ableton Lofi Sauce
Waves Lofi Sauce
Waves Guitar Sauce
Master Sauce (Preset for Ableton)
Lead Vocal Sauce (Preset for Ableton)

Additional Information:
The material is provided for educational purposes only.

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