Wavesfactory – Body Percussion (KONTAKT)

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the Kontakt 5.7.3 or later

old Body Percussion – this sample library for Kontakt, which comprises a plurality of physical sounds. The goal of
this library is to offer huge and epic sound, recorded in the studio without processing. Many other libraries on the
market have reverb from the room in which they were recorded, reverb that cannot be eliminated, and
if you want to use your own reverb, you must apply the reverb to the reverb signal. Body Percussion includes raw recordings, which means you can use your own effects without any problems.

More details
This Kontakt sample library includes 24 human body percussion joints. Plays solo and in an ensemble of up to 30 people, controlled by one handle. Body Percussion will shock you!
This is a new and improved version of the library that was originally released in 2012 with the same name. New entries, new interface and new scenario. With a built-in mixer to control every microphone position, our effects script to add any effect in any order; and other settings to control every aspect of the sound. This is the best library for drum tracks!
Humping, popping, clicking … this library is fun to play and easily produces very good results.
Sound The
instrument was recorded in stereo using 3 microphone positions: near, middle and far. Same room as Drum Circle, powerful sound and very little reverb.
From one person to 30 players playing simultaneously physically in different locations during the recording. More is more!
Customize everything!
Add any effect, mix the mics to get the sound you want, increase the randomness between players, adjust the damping …

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