[Warp Academy] Trap Melodies, Scales, Sounds & Hacks


Whether you are actuation away with “Bang Banger” at a competition or sipping a purple drink so lighting up with some Travis Scott – of late, dark melodies appear to seek out their place in nearly each entice song. Certified Ableton trainer and bass producer BigJerr disassembles the key parts in these tunes so everybody will simply perceive and make their own.In this two-hour stream, we tend to explore widespread entice scales, typical sounds, necessary plugins, process tips, chord chips, also as advanced sample manipulation victimization examples designed from scratch.The Ableton Live session from the stream are going to be out there for transfer, also as a custom sample package entice Melody, exclusive for this event.

Trap Melodies nine Scales, Sounds and Hacks.mp4Additional files: Ableton Live ten Project File + Exclusive entice Melody Sample Pack

Sample files:
not provided Video
format: MP4 Video: AVC, 1920×1080, 16:9, 23.976 fps, 2000 kb/s
Audio: AAC, 48 kHz, 128 kb/s, 2 channels

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