VirSyn – TERA 3 v3.5.1 STANDALONE, VSTi x64

Explore new sonic spaces with VirSyn TERA that go beyond legendary synth emulation. Use the power of analog and digital synthesis, combined with new physics models and new user interface elements, to navigate 8-dimensional sound spaces that go beyond traditional audio transformation. Well-thought-out algorithms and a cost-effective modular structure provide comparatively high voice performance. Connecting modules wirelessly, combined with an intelligent modulation matrix, simplifies the development of new synthesizers from scratch. Up to 16 modular synths can be used at the same time, all sharing the same user interface to help you control this multi-module system without losing control.

TERA is a modular synthesizer, which means that each patch is made up of independent sound modules, e.g. Oscillators, filters, … and signal flow is determined through the connections between these modules and modulation matrix settings. More TERA contains 16 complete modular synths for multitimbral enjoyment.
Each of the three main oscillators can use samples instead of the built-in analog and digital signals. Samples are organized into 16 key zones and 2 morph zones, for a total of up to 32 sample files per generator. You can even use them for FM sounds!
In addition to virtual analog synthesis, there are modules for almost every known synthesis method: FM synthesis, waveforming, Karplus Strong physics modeling, formant synthesis, Walsh functions, … not to mention our spectacular spectrum generator that brings wavetable synthesis to a new level. level.
unique 8D control panel allows you to simultaneously change up to 64 sound parameters. Travel through this sonic space with your mouse or MIDI controllers. Control the speed of movement with the Speed ​​parameter, which gives you a sort of “8-dimensional portamento sound”.
The included sound library includes over 1200 presets in a wide range of styles and much of the history of electronic music. Add your own sound creations, structured as you wish.
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