UVI – UVX80 (UVI Falcon)

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The UVX80 is based on the first analog polyphonic synthesizer from a renowned Japanese manufacturer, an 8-voice 61-key 2 + 1 digital control instrument released in 1984 with a gorgeous and futuristic look. Technically comparable to the JX-3P, this synthesizer had a more robust architecture with two additional voices, a sub-oscillator, and real pulse width modulation. Despite its technical advantages and deep sonic capabilities, it will face a similar fate, never achieving great commercial success, but attracting a fan base even today. While this synthesizer is not as difficult to edit as the 3P, this synthesizer shares the lack of explicit controls found on the widely popular but simpler Juno-106 released the same year.
Due to limited production of original cars, very few remain today, even fewer are in working order. Our Japanese office UVI managed to get a flawless model by making sure it was calibrated to factory specifications before handing it over to our sound engineering team. Once in Paris, we pushed it to the limit, creating shades from classic to modern and letting the unique character of this synthesizer shine. The recordings we made using the highest quality processors and converters available, the result is a fantastically rich and vibrant library that will serve as the basis for the UVX80. Once loaded into the UVI engine, our sound engineers refined these patches to create a hybrid instrument that we are proud to present to you today.

to work with the bank you need a UVI Falcon sampler
installation: copy the R2RUVI file from the R2R folder to C: \ ProgramData \ UVI \ R2R


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