UVI – UVX670 v.1.0.2 (UVI Falcon)

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With the UVX670, we go back in time to the 80s to dive deeply, lay down and combine sounds from two unique, underrated analog gems from the Japanese Akai synthesizer; VX600 and AX73. Both are six-voice analog polysynthesizers, the VX600 is a monster of pads with two VCOs per voice, and the AX73 is great for leads and bass with 6 VCO architecture that can be used in poly, stack or unison modes via a Curtis 4-pin 24 /. db resonant low pass filters.
Both of these synthesizers used versatile modulation systems capable of reproducing a wide range of sounds. The VX600 had a sophisticated modulation matrix, 2 LFOs per voice, and frequency modulation enabled. The AX73 with 1 LFO per voice has an adjustable pulse width with PWM for any waveform. Individually, neither the VX600 nor the AX73 have the well-known status of vintage classics, but this is not due to lack of features or rich sonic potential. Taken together, these synthesizers make an incredible addition, each empowering the other, and when used together create truly powerful sounds.

to work with the bank you need a UVI Falcon sampler
installation: copy the R2RUVI file from the R2R folder to C: \ ProgramData \ UVI \ R2R


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