UVI – USQ-1 v.1.0.1 (UVI Falcon)

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Ensoniq ESQ-1 is a special UVI keyboard. Used by many on our team, including a personal favorite of one of our founders, our USQ-1 had to be great. We have drawn on years of experience with this synthesizer and put all our heart into creating a collection of sounds that we are proud of and that we are sure you will love.

Released in 1986, the Ensoniq ESQ-1 was one of the first workstation-class keyboards available on the market, combining an 8-voice multitimbral digital / analog hybrid synthesizer and an 8-track sequencer. The ESQ-1 voice architecture allows up to 3 digital oscillators to be configured, assignable to any of 32 waveforms, followed by a 4-pole Curtis 24 dB / oct analog low-pass filter and 15 routable modulation sources. The sound quality of the ESQ-1 is digital, warm and unmistakably 80s at the same time – a true gem of the era, whose sounds still sound with brilliant depth and character.

to work with the bank, the UVI Falcon tool is required


A library with the ufs extension can be copied where it is convenient, in the Falcon settings (preferences \ soundbank) add the path to the library.

Copy the license file from the R2R folder with the R2RUVI extension to C: \ ProgramData \ UVI \ R2R


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