UVI – DarkLight IIx (UVI Falcon)

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An 80s dream car costing over $ 100,000 was out of reach for most. Used by countless renowned artists including Peter Gabriel, David Bowie, Michael Jackson, Keith Bush, Herbie Hancock, Jean-Michel Jarre, Thomas Dolby and many more, it remains a highly regarded and sought after instrument.
Feeling nostalgic, as we often do, we decided to start creating a new instrument inspired by this legendary studio icon and ended up making three: a digital synthesizer, a digital drum machine, and a multifrazator. Each instrument, with its own unique quirks and personality, is suitable for a different task, all with the raw, lo-fi character of the original machine. The result is an extremely fun and flexible set of instruments that gives new life to classic sounds and propels these old voices into new sonic territory.

to work with the bank, the UVI Falcon tool is required
installation: copy the R2RUVI file from the R2R folder to C: \ ProgramData \ UVI \ R2R


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